Managing Risk While Restructuring

Engineering Services Company

The Challenge

This organisation which had successfully operated in the services sector for over ten years had secured a significant contract to provide new services to a client which would result in an increase in business of 35%. Whilst there was much delight at winning the contract it became clear to the Senior Management Team that this additional business would put major demands and strains on the organisation and that associated risks would have to be identified and controlled.

Torc Response

  • An initial meeting was held with the Chief Executive to fully understand the various business streams and organisation capability.
  • A series of half day meetings were conducted with the management team and key employees to develop a profile of the business/organisation demands over an initial 18 month period and the risks associated with this change in business level.
  • A comprehensive plan including a risk management framework was created to support the multiple business streams and the new delivery processes.
  • A new organisation was designed with changed responsibilities and accountabilities.

The Result

The organisation successfully delivered the new contracted services whilst continuing to manage and build the traditional business. This work created a template for growing the business and developing a new responsiveness to changing business demands.