Managing Intl. Search From Ireland

International Healthcare Company

Quick look

Torc utilised our international Danish partner to carry out a head-hunt on the ground in Denmark for a new plant manager there – under instructions from the client’s European VP based in Ireland.

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The Challenge

Having successfully sourced a number of senior management candidates for the Irish manufacturing operation, the European VP Human Resources approached Torc to assist with the appointment of a Plant Manager in the Danish operation.

Torc Response

Torc were briefed on the requirements and commenced searching for a highly suitable candidate. We briefed our Danish recruitment partner about the process of local head-hunting and arranged an introduction between the Danish recruitment partner and the Irish based VP. We fully monitored and supported this search process all the way through to final interview at U.S. headquarters. This involved continuous liaison between the parties to eliminate miscommunications.

The Result

Because of the strong communications between parties, i.e. Torc, Vice President (Europe), Danish recruitment partner, a seamless assignment process and a very successful outcome was achieved. A suitable Plant Manager was identified and appointed in Denmark within timeframe and budget.