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We live in a world where competitive advantage accrues to those most adept at acquiring & leveraging knowledge. Torc’s learning & development practice is acutely attuned to this imperative & is constantly refining & updating our courses to ensure we stay current with the very best international thinking, yet firmly grounded to the culture & climate of Irish business. We seek to provide a differentiated service, based on the design and delivery of leading-edge programmes.

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Torc’s learning programmes have a clear defining feature: to be of practical relevance to participants. Thus, we concentrate our energies in assisting individuals and organisations with learnings that can be immediately translated into bottomline returns.

The key challenge is to excite the learner. Feedback from training needs analysis, climate surveys, performance appraisals, focus groups, etc, help in identifying the themes to be tackled but are usually less informative on the levels of individual motivation & learning style. This in reality means our programme designs have to be sufficiently flexible to cope with all shades of learner.

Accordingly, our programme designers & facilitators prepare & rehearse in all ways possible, to be equipped with leading-edge content, workbooks & powerpoint’s. But, we look on these more as props to get started, stimulating conversation, interaction and buy-in – and moving the group onto a plane where everyone engages & contributes.

In this way, we prefer to think in terms of delivering a Learning Experience and see ourselves more as facilitators and coaches than lecturers/speakers.

Certainly, ours is not a ‘sit and soak’ approach to learning. We seek to provide a high-energy group experience, built around participative and experiential learning methods like syndicate, group discussion, role-play, in-basket exercise, case study, management simulation exercise, internal competition and games.

As facilitators, we focus more on reactions to these activities than on the predetermined content – and seek to unearth any unspoken issues of a critical nature.

Our overall objective for any learning programme is to develop and deliver the best possible development experience for participants and conduct and manage ourselves in a manner which sustains high levels of excitement among learners, the sponsoring organisation & other stakeholders, while also ensuring that there is a meaningful transfer of learning into the daily lives of the participants.

We categorise our offerings across 6 distinct domains:

  • Leadership. Leaders are in much demand today; in all walks of life and at all levels of human activity. In whatever the setting, the leader is at the epicenter of all progress, inspiring others to face down complacency, mediocrity and laziness. And, the good news, of course, is that leadership can be learned, when deconstructed into some readily accessible competencies. This is the thinking that has informed our suite of individual Torc Leadership training modules:
  • Management. Management is a rational discipline by which authority and responsibility gets apportioned and delegated through an organization. Accordingly, the goal of every manager is to have his/her unit functioning like a well-oiled machine in sync with the larger corporate body. Fundamentally, it is about execution; applying a set of precise, disciplined and consistent systems and processes. And, the competencies called for revolve mostly around Deming’s world of plan, do, review. The Torc suite of Management training modules include:
  • Communication. What good is it having ingenious ideas or brilliant products, if you can’t convey you’re thinking to others? And, the converse is equally damaging, of course: i.e. not picking up on those similarly ingenious and brilliant thoughts of others. Either way, one is hamstrung in one’s effectiveness. That is why communication, in terms of both transmission & reception, is so important. It is simply the lifeblood of everything we do as humans and is often the single most important factor contributing to one’s career success. Why leave this success to chance? Instead, why not avail yourself of one or more of the Torc Communication training modules:
  • Excellence in Execution. If there is one thing that the great guru’s of business thinking (eg. Peter Drucker, Edwards Deming, Andy Grove, Tom Peters, Ron Charan) all agree on, it is in the overriding importance they place on execution. The following quote from a Tom Peters’ 2008 blog pretty much says it all: “It is failures in implementation that trip us up 9 cases out of 10 … Excellence in Execution was, is, wherever and forever will be Sustainable Competitive Advantage #1.” Thus, the application of systematic practices, processes and methodologies, coupled with an obsessive attention to detail, trumps all other considerations. These are the subjects at the heart of the Torc Excellence in Execution series of training modules:
  • Sales & Marketing. Companies can be nothing less than obsessive today about their sales & marketing spends. Operational & research methods have to be brought to bear on a diversity of complex issues, e.g. market research, competitive intelligence, brand management, segmentation, positioning, price point analyses, etc. Building & rebuilding plans around scenarios of volume, price, customer feedback, currency exchange, distribution costs, technology threats, e-commerce, etc., has to be ongoing & dynamic, yet also amenable to appropriate checks & balances so as not to convulse the enterprise from its long term bearings. Torc’s suite of Sales & Marketing training modules is designed to provide you with the scientific expertise, informed perspective & process know-how to navigate these turbulent waters – nuanced & radical:
    • Smarter Selling Skills
    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • Engaging Customers through Web 2.0
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • CRM
  • Human Resource Management. Now is a challenging time for the HR professional. What with pension concerns, pay cuts and downsizings – and the knock-on effects on morale & performance, even among staff in safe secure jobs. And, everyone looking to HR to take the lead: to respond to the short-term exigencies while at the same time calming the waters, injecting some optimism and lifting those flagging spirits – even as HR itself is having to adjust to smaller teams and tighter budgets like everyone else. Here’s where Torc can help – by offering you all the knowledge & resources you’ll need to ensure the HR function continues to be seen making a positive impact through these turbulent times. Our carefully tailored menu of HR training modules includes: