Leading With Resilience & Optimism

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Torc offers a 1 day resilience & optimism training course aimed at assisting leaders develop the necessary resilience skills to face down setbacks – and rapidly move forward with new opportunities.

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Module Overview

The current recession is placing unprecedented demands on  “leaders-at-all-levels”. What with paycuts and downsizing and the inevitable knock-on effects on morale and performance, an organization can easily slip into an ever-downward spiral of fire-fighting and contraction – psychologically and operationally.

Fire-fighting comes easy to most of us; it is the natural emotional response.  The adrenalin rises and we morph into our own versions of Horatio at the Bridge, frantically kicking into action – chopping costs, expenses, inventory and staff; all very necessary but also very time-consuming, frustrating and draining of the human spirit.

Equally necessary, however, is the need not to abandon the future. Thus, Resilient Leaders have the twin-track capacity to both crisis manage in the present, yet also make time and space to reset, reframe and recalibrate new goals and objectives to take advantage of the inevitable opportunities being presented for the future. They refuse to be knocked off course by short term setbacks.

In this 1-day resilience and optimism training course, you’ll get a framework for understanding and applying the key competencies needed to ensure that you are such a Leader.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Raise awareness of the barriers and mental traps to be overcome in rebounding from a setback
  • Appreciate that in such times of crisis, a business-as-usual approach to leadership will not suffice
  • Explore the resilient attitudes and habits to be inculcated in oneself and others 
  • Learn a toolkit of practical techniques to translate the concepts of confidence, optimism, self-efficacy & motivation into practical concrete actions.
  • Develop a focused intensity to move rapidly in identifying opportunities in the midst of challenges.
  • Be conscious and comfortable in reframing/rephrasing ideas and actions to a winning mindset.

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

Taking Action
Follow a 10-step action plan to stem the downward spiral and restore equilibrium in  oneself, in the system, and in one’s team – moving colleagues rapidly from denial to empowerment. 

Managing Setbacks Training
Learn how to face setbacks with a problem-solving mindset, breaking through  thinking style traps that can be dispiriting, dissenting, disheartening.

Knowing one’s Resilience Quotient
Diagnose where you and your team stand on the key EQ behavioural tendencies underpinning resilience: emotional regulation, self-efficacy, reaching-out and optimism.

Renewing Confidence
Probe a range of practical and concrete initiatives to assist leaders reestablish confidence – to attract essential new investments, real and emotional, to go after new wins.

Establishing Optimism & countering helplessness
Understand the key dimensions of optimism and how to put these into practice in the face of adversity to rapidly get everyone back on track.

Facilitating intrinsic motivation skills
Practice a strategic approach that aligns visionary goals and short-term wins to recharge the batteries – eliciting a flow-like commitment among others for the heavy-lifting tasks ahead.

Reframing language and phrases skills
Attune one’s style of communication to the circumstance at hand, being more positive, action-oriented, future-focussed – and, constantly identifying & building on the small successes presented. 

This course is suited for

Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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