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Job Matching: An Indispensable Tool

by Paddy Collins on March 8th, 2012

Job-matching tool takes the blindfolds off the hiring process

We recommend a new management tool which helps companies to reduce the burden of process in selection and retention.

No matter what industry sector you are in, a company’s most important asset is its people. People, not product, deliver competitive advantage.

Job-matching tool – speeds decision-making
We see companies struggle to hire new employees because they become stifled by processes and procedures that inhibit clear decision making and delivering results. It is not unusual nowadays for candidates to be interviewed on three or more occasions, by a variety of different managers – and this is often followed by psychometric tests, case study presentation etc.

Our job matching tool can be administered on-line, delivers immediate results and can save valuable interviewing time by streamlining the shortlisting of candidates for ‘final’ interview.

Job-matching tool – benchmarks best performers
This tool enables companies to benchmark their best performers in order to select people with similar attributes. It develops a clear and concise profile of the best performing employees. These profiles provide a benchmark to be used in the selection of staff for similar roles.

Good job matching means measuring how well an individual’s abilities, interests and personality ‘fit’ the requirements of the job and the culture of the organisation.

Successive studies have shown that ‘job match’ is a critical factor in increasing employee performance and in reducing staff turnover.

Job-matching – Harvard study
A study published in the Harvard Business Review highlighted that the single most influential factor in job performance was not experience, age, education nor gender, but was in fact job fit! Furthermore it was shown that job matching had a significant impact on staff retention, with companies in a high turnover industry experiencing a turnover average of 46% without job matching. This fell by almost half to 24% when job matching was applied. Similar research on job matching and productivity showed that sales performance almost doubled for companies applying the process as part of their selection criteria.

Job-matching – added uses
job profiling tool can also be used to:

– Measure the gap between all team members and the top performers.
– Develop individual training and coaching plans.
– Develop succession plans to improve staff retention.

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