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Executive Coaching in the Spotlight

by Tony Roe on November 30th, 2010

Delegates reviewing coaching practices at a recent CNI meeting in Rome

The executive coaching trend continues to gather steam right around the world, judging by the many contributions on the topic at our recent CareerNet International (CNI) meeting in Rome.

And, certainly, demand for these services appears to be relatively unaffected by the general recession, with clients seeking ever-higher performance from their executives to meet the intense challenges faced.

Not surprisingly, because of our partners’ wide geographical spread, our executive coaching services show significant variation in client needs,  particularly in terms of the depth, duration and deliverables associated with the engagement.

The results from a survey conducted by our UK partner, HDA, was particularly noteworthy, because of the parallel trends usually present between our two islands.

Results of UK executive coaching survey
This survey found that:

 – over 70% of organisations surveyed offer coaching to employees at all levels. 

–  individual and/or team performance improvement was rated as the main business benefit observed from executive coaching.

– 97% of organisations believe that executive coaching impacts positively on business performance.

– 97% of respondents believe that coaching enhances the ease with which changes are accepted and implemented.

– 88% of organisations state that executive coaching provides value for money.

– 94% of organisations offer face-to-face rather than online/telephonic coaching.

These trends are immensely positive and would broadly reflect feedback from our own clients, here in Ireland.

Certainly, the case for executive coaching in driving individual performance and effectiveness is now well embedded across all sectors of Irish business.

And, the banking & property debacle has only more sharply illustrated the perils of having executives flying solo.

Interestingly, in our own work, we are beginning to see organisations focus executive coaching more on matters of governance, decision-making, risk-management and sustainability.

Whether this is an aftershock or the beginning of a trend, only time will tell.

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