Inducting a New Leadership Team

Multinational Healthcare Company

Quick look

Torc facilitated the preparation of a 5-day induction kick-off programme for this greenfield start-up’s Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team.

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The Challenge

This multi-national client company was assembling a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) for the startup of it’s a new greenfield site operation in Dublin. Members of this SLT, as recruited, were drawn from diverse backgrounds, including some from abroad, while more were new to this particular business sector. Moreover, the technologies and network of relationships they would be asked to lead & navigate were quite complex. The Managing Director recognized that the induction of this new SLT was a critical consideration to ensuring a successful startup of operations.

Torc Response

We facilitated the preparation of a 5-day induction workshop for the MD and his SLT. This involved assembling all background technical information, facility design drawings, organizational designs, product specifications, corporate policies & procedures, etc. This compilation was then reworked into a training/workshop manual, incorporating highlights in narrative and PowerPoint formats & interactive exercises devised to fit with the learning workshop setting.
Learnings were complemented with the addition of subject matter experts from the parent corporation as speakers to lead segments of the induction workshop.
Further, sessions were facilitated around the preferred ways of working to be adopted, the frequency and sequence of SLT meetings, the cultural norms to be cascaded outwards & downwards to staff and the adoption of timelines and milestones to deliver a successful startup

The Result

This highly focussed & intensive induction week ensured all members of the new SLT received a thorough grounding in the complexities of the business & were able to immediately hit the ground running on their individual workplans. A very successful start-up was achieved.