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If you were managing a sports team, you would pay great attention to the physical and mental fitness of each of your players – with nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists forming a central part of your big game preparations. So, when it comes to business, why would you not be just as concerned about the physical & mental fitness of your staff. This is the thinking that informs our health & wellbeing practice: applying tactical interventions to support winning mindsets.

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It is estimated that Irish businesses lose on average €2.5B a year through absenteeism, with back-pain and stress among the biggest contributors. Accordingly, the health & wellbeing of employees has become a central productivity issue and the health status of employees a major concern for management.

Experience shows, however, that this level of absenteeism, running at 8 days/year, can be dramatically reduced with some well-structured strategic health & wellbeing initiatives.

Torc offers a specialised practice in assisting organisations and individuals with these interventions, not only minimising stress and absenteeism but also mitigating the fall-out from workplace changes or other career anxieties.

  • Preventing Bullying & Harassment at Work. Bullying figures prominently as lighting-rods for workplace unease. These issues call for an open and proactive engagement – in terms of involving the leadership, line managers and staff in establishing a cultural focus that immunises the organisation from their occurrence. Torc can assist you construct programmes to raise the awareness of work-related psychological issues, learn to identify workplace bullying & understand why people bully and harass.
  • Investigating Bullying & Harassment Complaints. Identifying what constitutes bullying & harassment is a highly sensitive issue when a complaint arises. Management must be familiarised with how to effectively respond in these situations. Torc provides organisations with in-depth training courses on how to handle these complaints and follow appropriate investigation steps:
    • What is workplace bullying? The Legal Context & Support
    • The Differences between bullying and harassment
    • Practical programmes and strategies to prevent workplace bullying
    • How to conduct investigations and carry out interviews in line with legal requirements and current best practice
  • Stress Management. Stress occurs when we perceive an imbalance between the demands placed on us on the one hand and our ability to cope on the other. Stress is viewed, these days, as a serious workplace hazard to be addressed openly & maturely – in terms of ensuring everyone understands what it is & undergoes a system of training to learn how to recognise & manage it. It is very much a bottom-line issue – linking directly to issues of absenteeism, retention, productivity, quality, customer service, etc.
  • Retirement Planning. Understanding the process of planning for retirement with respect to key aspects such as finance, health, work, leisure, relationships, self-identity, fulfilment etc., is critical for a smooth retirement. In recent years, Torc has been to the forefront in developing and rolling out programmes, involving workshops, psychometric analysis and one-to-one coaching to a new cohort of retirees eager to explore the opportunities and challenges attending the retirement transition. These programmes are overwhelmingly goal-directed toward establishing a framework to assist pre-retirees smoothly engage with all practical & psychological considerations.
  • Behavioural Safety. Up to 90% of accident victims say their accident was avoidable. In an era where eliminating accidents is becoming mission critical to sustainable activity, management must take a lead. Torc Consulting Group has assembled a programme around the topics of Behavioural Psychology, Stress Management, and Risk Auditing in order for companies to excel in safety performance and culture.
    • Workplace Risk Assessment
    • Risk Reduction Strategies
    • Safety Climate, Culture, Communications
    • Employee Wellness
    • Benchmark Auditing
  • Internal Mobility. This programme is designed to assist individuals reach a level of career-mastery to successfully engage with the range of opportunities arising within their own organisations. The objective is to enable individuals to take ownership for their professional development and become highly proficient in making a transition from one internal role to another.
  • Diversity in the Workplace. In today’s ever-changing work environment, facilitating cultural diversity is a top management priority. Organisations need to possess the policies and skills to effectively deal with differences and to understand the effects of culture and stereotyping.