Coaching For Performance

Financial Services Company

Quick look

Torc assisted a newly promoted senior manager in raising her game and achieving more of her potential through a series of performance-focussed coaching meetings.

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The Challenge

Our client, an individual manager, had been promoted to a more senior position and was experiencing difficulties meeting the demands of the new role. At her last performance discussion with her manager a number of issues which needed to be improved were identified and it was agreed that she would be provided with individual coaching support from Torc Consulting.

Torc Response

Through the medium of one-to-one meetings and utilising a range of self-awareness instruments and reflective practice logs, the individual developed a clearer understanding of the skills & behaviours that needed to be strengthened to deliver improved performance. Primarily, these fell into 2 broad areas:

  • Proactive Planning
  • Staff Management

Our coach worked with the manager to facilitate her gain the requisite insight into her current approach and the modifications needed – both from her own perspective and from those of her important stakeholders. An action plan was jointly drawn up and a series of bi-weekly review meetings were held to maintain momentum and focus until the new behaviours had been incorporated as routine habits and normal ways of working. Issues related to planning were addressed through the adoption of some simple project management regimens, whilst staff management capability was mostly developed through role plays and actual live practice.

Results Achieved

The manager delivered the agreed performance improvements and continues to develop these skills to support her ongoing career. In addition, the coaching process provided her with insight into the broader use of self-awareness tools and self-reflection practice that will stand to her long after this current engagement – empowering her to better meet any future challenges.