Engaging Managers With Engagement

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Torc offers a 2-day employee engagement training course, focussing on the design & implementation of an employee engagement strategy for the individual & organisation.

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Module Overview

It is far too easy to adopt a limited perspective to managing a business, based on economic, budgetary and process aspects, while eschewing the emotional elements that ultimately prove more decisive – in determining the long-term and sustainable effectiveness of an enterprise. This is the notion at the heart of this employee engagement training course.

For, often it is the degree to which the leadership-at-all-levels takes ownership for delivering the mission, vision and strategy, by actively engaging with colleagues and stakeholders, galvanising support & managing resistance among all concerned, that is most vital.

This draws on a complex set of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to navigate and resolve the inevitable ambiguities, arising at local level.

Thus, the big challenge ultimately falls to the multiple layers of management to deliver the strategy on the ground – engaging with staff to find the workable solutions that translate vision into action at the frontline interface with the customer.

In part, many of these interventions involve the use of targeted consultation & partnership sessions at individual and team level, directly facilitated by managers & team leaders in the role of evangelist/change agent – building momentum among peers, colleagues and the wider stakeholder community. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is meant by employee engagement & its bottomline consequences
  • Compare your own organisation’s approach to employee engagement  vs best practice
  • Learn how to build an engaged workforce – the practical & cultural inputs   
  • How to measure employee engagement and what to do with the data
  • Gain awareness of your own engagement style preferences
  • Evaluate the range of communication avenues most appropriate to your organisation

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

What is Employee Engagement Training
We explore what we understand the term employee engagement to mean in terms of intrinsic motivation, discretionary effort and commercial returns.

What do the Research Findings say about Employee Engagement
We examine the most up to date research findings that point to the key enablers of employee engagement and resulting performance consequences.

How to Develop an Employee Engagement Strategy
We evaluate the different approaches to employee engagement, highlighting the structural links to the organisation’s strategy, mission, vision, brand and values.

Implementation of an Employee Engagement Strategy Training
We outline a range of tools and techniques to frame the implementation of an engagement strategy – stakeholder maps, matrices & measurements. And, create an action plan to deliver on the ground, cascading engagement as a cultural initiative through all layers of management.

Individual Engagement Styles Training
Participants take the 4-box CCTP engagement style questionnaire to diagnose their individual engagement style preferences, in terms of 4 broad categories – coaching, collaborating, teaching and performance-managing.

The Communication Aspects of Engagement Training
We focus both on the formal (eg surveys, intranet chatrooms, newsletters, staff briefings, skip level meetings, etc) and informal forums of communication, placing a strong emphasis on the receiving aspects – feedback, listening, empathy.

This course is suited for

Managers and team leaders charged with building an engaged workforce  

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