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Does career management matter to organisations?

by Paddy Collins on November 30th, 2016

The answer to the question is a resounding YES; and leadership teams are advised to ensure they have some tangible approaches in place for employees.

Recent research confirms that millenials want to feel they are contributing to achieving business goals; they want to have career paths to pursue; they are entrepreneurial thinkers who relish responsibility, hate micro-management and are concerned about corporate social responsibility.

Keeping  employees engaged with the organisation is important because “those most engaged are 87% less likely to leave a job and are 20% more productive in the workplace”.  However their level of engagement is determined by three main factors: how safe they feel in their workplace, how meaningful their job is and how available senior management are to employees.

Career management is about the future of the organisation, and also about the effective development and deployment of all employees. Get career management right and individuals will feel connected to their work, valued for their contribution, engaged with the organisation, and motivated to contribute. Their willingness to apply and increase their capability will be enhanced.

Manage careers well and the organisation’s capability to meet future demands will be enhanced by its ability to retain existing staff and to attract high quality applicants.  This in turn unlocks the value chain which links personal success, organisation performance and business results.  Get career management wrong, and organisational capability is compromised with employees becoming disengaged or demotivated, or physically by moving to competitors.

One of our current clients is planning to put career management centre stage for 2017 and Torc is helping them develop a range of initiatives including:

– Self awareness and career workshops for employees

– Developing career paths and progression opportunities

– Life planning supports

– Upskilling HR department on career development

– Coaching managers on having meaningful career discussions with their staff

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