Assessment Centres: Design & Delivery

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Torc offers a 2 day assessment centre training course covering the administration, design and delivery of Assessment Centres coupled with hands-on practice across a range of individual and group exercises.

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Module Overview

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This 2-day assessment centre training course equips hiring professionals with the key skills to design and implement their own assessment centres.

It is  a hands-on course which gives a step-by-step guide to the various components involved – from logistics in planning and administering to design of exercises, matched to job requirements, through to the proper and ethical use of information collected, writing reports and validating the centre. 

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

Assessment Centre Fundamentals Training
Participants will explore the various uses of assessment centres – in recruitment and development scenarios across different job levels (graduate, technical, managerial).

Fairness & Ethical Issues – Rules & Conventions
The diversity considerations of how assessment components & contents align to all shades of participant, will be explored and guidelines established with reference to some authoritive codes of practice.

Job Analysis: Skills & Competencies Training
We will survey the various tools and processes involved in building up an assessment framework of skills & competencies and how to onwards apply the process in the design and selection of assessment exercises, 

The Selection & Training of Assessors
Participants will learn the skills required to objectively score/rate candidates, hone their observation techniques, record their assessments and reduce the possibility of bias, all using the ORCE model – ie. based on the observe, record, classify and evaluate sequence.

Designing Group Exercises Training
A detailed treatment of group exercises will be undertaken, illustrating the underlying rationales involved in utilizing role-plays, oral presentations, scripted simulations, group meetings, etc. – and mapping the corresponding competencies typically assessed by each.

Designing Individual Exercises Training
The complementary use of individual exercises will be explored as well, including the in-depth coverage of exercises targeting: fact-finding investigations, problem analysis (case studies), planning & scheduling scenarios, in-trays & in-box options.

Integrating Assessment Data
The tools and processes to pull together, triangulate & cooroborate outputs from the various exercises will be covered – both from the point of view of making a candidate selection and assembling evidence to provide individual feedback to all participants.

Framework for Evaluating ADC’s
A number of established approaches for assessing assessment centres will be presented, against a variety of standards such a fairness, applicability, cost, utility, etc. – validating the exercises and the centre as a whole to ensure  alignment with needs.

Administration & Coordination
Guidelines on the major scheduling and resource issues to ensure the assessment centre runs smoothly.

This course is suited for:

HR practitioners, line managers, team leaders and other executives involved in the implementation of formalized recruitment processes.

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