Delivering on Corporate Strategy

Commercial Semi-State

Quick look

Torc worked with this client’s CEO & leadership team to design & deliver a learning and development programme to support a 100-strong Middle Manager cohort deliver a radically new strategic plan.

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The Challenge

Under the leadership of a new CEO, this client organisation, historically rooted in the management of a cyclical commodity business, had recently expanded through multiple acquisitions into downstream processing. Further, in the interests of wider diversification, multiple investments were also made in new business areas. In this changing environment, the CEO was concerned about the need to align his middle management cohort across the businesses toward achieving the ambitious returns needed to support these new expansions.

Torc Response

Torc worked with the CEO & it’s leadership team to design a leading edge learning and development programme to support this 100-strong Middle Manager cohort in the delivery of the key business objectives. A range of inputs from management interviews and participant focus groups were integrated into the programme design, culminating in the following high-level objectives required of the programme:

  • Building a stronger sense of self-confidence in leadership roles within the organisation to drive increased performance;
  • Strengthening individual self-awareness – diagnosing cognitive & emotional patterns – to raise levels of responsibility & accountability;
  • Inculcating positive self-management & interpersonal communications styles;
  • Practicing key competencies of: assertiveness; empathetic listening; presentation skills; giving & receiving feedback; thinking, judging & decision-making; networking, influencing & persuasion.
  • Internalising said competencies through action-learning projects and in-course role-plays.

The Result

This 5-day programme (comprising a 2-day residential module 1, a 1-day non-residential module 2 and a 2-day residential module 3, having 4 week intervals between modules for completion of project assignments, etc.) engendered widespread unity, commitment & enthusiasm to aggressively deliver on the strategic directions being taken.