Core Values & Decision-Making

Multinational Healthcare Company

Quick look

Torc enabled this client company improve the decision-making of its staff by raising awareness of its core values – utilising its own team of internal facilitators to roll out a series of highly impactful workshops.

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The challenge

This client company operating 24/7 across multiple shifts and multiple product lines and involving a highly diverse multi-ethnic workforce had developed a set of 5 core values that it needed rolled out in training workshops across the organization. A team of internal trainers were available to facilitate half day workshops on the topic but they lacked the appropriate content for these workshops.

Torc Response

Torc partnered with the sponsoring HR manager to fully understand the intent and nuance of each of the 5 core values, especially as they related to the day-to-day life of the company and onwards designed a training pack that included:

  • An impactful PowerPoint slidepack, with suitably chosen images/graphics to accompany screen narratives
  • A selection of succinct real-world case studies, illustrating the 5 core values – to inject opportunity for discussion/debate amid the training participants
  • A facilitator’s guidebook, walking the trainer through the timing & sequence of the half-day training session – including a selection of questions to be anticipated & proposed answers to be given.

The Result

The workshops were rolled out as designed and generated the desired outcomes – raising the awareness of each employee on how to anchor ongoing decision-making to the core values adopted.