Continuous Improvement Teams

Multinational Pharma Company

Quick look

Torc designed & delivered a Team Development programme to support the roll-out of continuous improvement teams seeking to streamline operations in advance of a global merger.

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The Challenge

A major reorganisation in the senior management ranks coupled with a worldwide merger with a larger company stimulated an interest among this client’s local management in providing an integrated suite of management development modules to staff across all functions: production, logistics, quality, engineering, etc. A major driver was to assist the company meet challenging metrics in terms of monthly production and customer service targets, in competition with its sister sites globally.

Torc Response

Torc designed a 5-day team development programme comprising 4-days of facilitated workshops and 1-day for follow-up individual clinics. Analysis of the internal Training Needs Analysis & performance appraisal reports directed attention to a number of recurring themes, around which the programme of modules for delivery was designed. The dimensions for development & component modules chosen were as follows:

  • Communication Skills (2-day duration):
    Personality Type & Thinking Styles
    Networking, Influencing & Persuading
    Dealing With Difficult People
  • Manager Effectiveness (2-day duration):
    Emotional Intelligence Skills
    Coaching Skills & Change Management
    Empathy & Listening
    Creative Thinking & Decision-Making
  • Coaching Clinic (1-day duration):
    Follow-up on Personal Implementation Plans

The programme was delivered in three tranches, involving the following team of learning facilitators: Sarah Buckley and Siobhan Keogh

The Result

Beyond the internal positive feedback received, the programme proved especially notable for the manner in which participants took forward some of the course learnings into cross-functional continuous improvement teams to achieve some major streamlining of operations in advance of the global merger.