Coaching with Psychometric Tools

State Development Agency

Quick look

Torc enabled individuals prospecting for career options beyond their own technical specialities to build the needed self-confidence to succeed.

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The Challenge

This client organisation, rooted since its foundation in providing technical expertise itself, was strategically changing more toward providing business support, advisory-type services instead, with a strong emphasis on facilitating widespread interconnections/joint ventures between other parties. This new advisory service remit was posing much career uncertainty for those employees whose forte and self-image had revolved for years around their own technical expertise and the prospect of moving now to new roles involving more account management type, business-related skills was causing much apprehension among those affected.

Torc Response

A one-on-one coaching intervention was introduced, whereby individuals being readied for transition from technical to advisory roles were invited to participate. The coaching duration varied from individual to individual, but mostly consisted of a series of meetings at intervals of 2/3 weeks over a 3-month period. The emphasis was on bringing individuals to an awareness of their own strengths and how to best employ these in the new roles being asked of them. The psychometric tools employed included: (1) Sternberg-Warner Thinking Styles Inventory, (2) Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator and (3) Career Orientation Inventory.

The Result

The intervention proved a key enabler to building the needed self-confidence among staff to take a broader perspective on their careers beyond their initial specialism. And, the transition from technical roles to account management roles was taken up with less anxiety.