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Change Management & Risk

by Tony Roe on September 24th, 2009

Dr. Peter Bacon ... on Prime Time, Apr. 30, '09

Since Dr Peter Bacon first mooted the concept of a National Assets Management Agency (NAMA), to buy out the banks’ distressed property loans, a vigorous debate has ensued as to who is taking the major share of the risk: the taxpayer, the banks or the developers?

This debate reminds us once again how the success or otherwise of any change management project pivots on the degree to which one can control the various associated risks.

For, when change is at hand, risk is a sure companion: it is an inherent aspect of any meaningful change project & its ongoing management the necessary counterbalance to those high levels of optimism & excitement equally needed.

In other words, to change is to dance with risk!

So, when we are challenged to reinvent our organisations, products, services and/or processes, we need to make risk management central to our planning process.

Successful organisations are very good at this. Having clear & robust frameworks for identifying and proactively managing risks is central to everything they do.

Moreover, the mantras of Murphy (“anything that can go wrong, will go wrong“) & Grove (“only the paranoid survive“) do not serve to dissuade them from change but instead spur them on to embrace change with more open eyes.

In this way, the confidence they take from having superb risk management frameworks in place, actually emboldens them to take on change more readily.

To view one example of a simple but powerful risk assessment process, please refer to our separate Risk Management Matrix slide-set.

You may also refer to a case study utilizing the methodology described … by clicking here.

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