Change Management For Managers

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Torc offers a 1-day training course on change management, focussing on the design & execution of change management projects and on the skills required of effective change agents.

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Module Overview

This change management training course is about making change in the workplace easier, offering insights and frameworks to make it a more welcome concept. It looks at the drivers of change, the different ways these changes can be approached and what are the appropriate change management processes to be followed. 

The intent is to prepare managers responsible for facilitating or implementing change initiatives identify key business drivers that typically underlie the need for change and learn how to work with key stakeholders in ways that build support and ensure positive outcomes. 

Central to the whole discussion in this change management training course is how to integrate the human element effectively – examining the behaviour patterns of individuals & managing the varied manifestations that can arise. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Rationalise the various changes occurring in the workplace within a logical change management framework
  • Draw on a toolkit of instruments & structures to control & align the operation of the change management team  
  • Incorporate planning elements that give balanced consideration to both the people and technical aspects   
  • Empathise with the resistance in others and formulate positive strategies to manage
  • Recognise the restraints on change caused by the embedded culture
  • Gain grounding in the various change management models – Kotter, Prosci, Conner, etc.

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

Types of Organisational Change
• Drivers of change – emerging trends and their impact on the workplace
• Joining up processes to provide more customer-focussed services
• Scale of organisational change: incremental, substantial, transformative
• Integrative models developed for understanding, planning & leading change 

Change Management Planning  
• Developing a change management plan, aligning the social and technical aspects
• Defining the changes to jobs, teams, skillsets, staffing needs, organisational boundaries, career paths
• Targeting and prioritizing of culture & reward changes to match desired results
• Selecting and resourcing the change management team

• Change Implementation Phase
• Applying rigorous project management processes & practices
• Communicating on multiple fronts with staff & stakeholders
• Creating short-term wins & visible recognition and reward initiatives
• Building a support system for change agents & reinforcing new behaviours 

Personal Reactions to Change Training
• How individuals deal with and adapt to change
• Self-assessment of one’s own change agility
• The Four-Room Apartment model of change & how to use it
• Managing the emotional impacts & psychological transition in oneself & others 

Change Through Partnership Structures Training
• Engaging with staff to achieve collaboration and buy in
• Positioning change as a serial discipline within existing consultative arrangements 
• Utilising participatory decision-making tools to integrate the widest input
• Co-creating innovative solutions that produce win-win outcomes 

 Change Agent Skills Training
• Working with & shifting the culture – the values & norms that influence the way people behave
• Designing, implementing and effectively managing day-to-day operations to support the change effort 
• Aligning staff understanding and behaviour to the promises of the new reality 
• Co-creating innovative solutions that produce win-win outcomes

This course is suited for

Managers and team leaders responsible for facilitating the delivery of change in their organisations.

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