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Team Leader Development

Commercial Semi-State

Torc designed and facilitated a leadership development programme to assist a group of 54 team leaders, drive a stronger commercial working in their shared services units.

Workplace Mediation

FMCG Company

Torc mediated between a manager and an employee in a dispute involving a harassment allegation – securing a mutually agreeable and productive outcome for all concerned.

Coaching For A Panel Interview

Public Sector Organisation

Torc coached this financial controller to prepare for an important panel interview – modelling & rehearsing a system of techniques to present a more strategic impression.

Executing On A Vision

Semi-State Company

Torc’s turnaround specialist created an internal project team to champion & lead this company’s transformation in realising its CEO’s high-performance vision.

Selling a Non-Performing Division

IT Services Company

Torc’s turnaround specialist facilitated this company’s return to good health by engineering a sale of a non-performing division to a competitor.

Reducing Post-Merger Duplication

Consumer Food Company

Torc’s turnaround specialist worked with this client’s management team to quickly reduce the post-merger duplication in operations.

Coaching in Managing One’s Boss

FMCG Company

Torc coached this individual executive to develop and execute a plan to build better relations with his manager.

Coaching For Performance

Financial Services Company

Torc assisted a newly promoted senior manager in raising her game and achieving more of her potential through a series of performance-focussed coaching meetings.

Outplacement To A New Sector

Multinational Electronics Company

Torc researched the hurdles to be overcome in securing roles in the pharmaceutical sector for employees with related experience in electronics manufacturing.

Outplacement – Franchise Option

Individual Manufacturing Manager

Torc supported this individual client successfully navigate a career transition culminating in the purchase of a franchise operation.

Outplacement From Outsourcing

Consumer Food Company

Torc mobilised a SWAT team of career coaches & recruitment specialists to find local and/or commutable employment for staff displaced following an outsourcing of operations.

Outplacement of Head Office Staff

Commodity Trading Organisation

Torc acted as agents in the sourcing of new opportunities for this client’s Dublin HQ staff displaced by a merger and transfer of their existing functions to the European HQ in London.

Managing Risk While Restructuring

Engineering Services Company

Torc facilitated the development of a robust risk management framework to support this client’s business expansion plans.

Recruiting a New Executive Team

National Membership Organisation

Torc sourced, screened and selected a complete new management team, including a new CEO, to take this client organisation in a new strategic direction.

Headhunting a Regional Manager

State Agency

Torc undertook a highly-focussed executive search campaign to develop a strong short-list of candidates for this client’s strategically important role.

Sourcing an Interim Manager

State Agency

Torc drew from its interim panel of seasoned executives to fill this key role within a very short turnaround period.

Headhunting International Director

Engineering Consultancy

Torc cast a wide net in systematically researching Ireland & the UK to find a short-list of candidates meeting the requirements for this highly specialised role.

Benchmarking MNC Salaries

Multinational FMCG Company

Torc were retained by this consumer products client, to carry out a survey of pay and benefits across a peer group of multinational manufacturing companies located in Ireland.

Managing Intl. Search From Ireland

International Healthcare Company

Torc utilised our international Danish partner to carry out a head-hunt on the ground in Denmark for a new plant manager there – under instructions from the client’s European VP based in Ireland.

Sourcing a Qualified Person (QP)

Multinational Pharma Company

Torc supported this pharmaceutical manufacturung client with the services of an Interim Qualified Person (QP) at short notice.

Database Searching For Manager

Indigenous Chemicals Manufacturer

Torc turned to its internal candidate database to source a Sales Manager for this client company.

Outsourcing Administrative Services

Professional Representative Body

Torc provided an outsourced administrative support service for this client – managing subscriptions, newsletters, AGM’s & other events.

Coaching with Psychometric Tools

State Development Agency

Torc enabled individuals prospecting for career options beyond their own technical specialities to build the needed self-confidence to succeed.

Psychometric Analysis & Listening

Commercial State Agency

Torc applied some carefully constructed scientific tools to raise individual awareness of how listening and empathy styles impact customer service.

Psychometrics & Presentation Skills

Commercial State Agency

Torc custom-developed a presentation skills course to retain & optimise the authentic style of each individual presenter, by framing the content to each individual’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

Psychometrics & Customer Service

Commercial State Agency

Torc profiled an entire organisation using self-reporting cognitive & behavioural instruments to provide a scientific framework for ongoing training/coaching interventions.

Psychometric Tools & Interview Prep

Individual Client

Torc coached this client on how to navigate/manage the interview & selection process for an upcoming promotion opportunity.

360-degree Feedback & 1st 100-Days

Commercial Engineering Company

Torc enabled a key executive gain scientific 360 degree multi-rater feedback on his First 100-day performance.

Managing Voluntary Leavings

Commercial State Agency

Torc project-managed this client’s voluntary leaving (VL) programme, securing 110 exits by designing & executing a 6-month company-wide motivational & outplacement intervention.

Centralising Back Office Functions

Commercial Branch Network

Torc partnered with client HR director to centralise back office functions from 4 regional locations and organise a fair & transparent competition for retained roles among all impacted staff.

Managing Multi-Site Outplacement

Multinational Healthcare Company

Torc planned and executed a results-oriented outplacement programme for 250 staff departing from three locations in Ireland.

Training on Project Management

State Agency

Torc progressed this client’s adoption of a project-based organisation of work by rolling out our specially tailored programme titled Project Managament Essentials: People & Processes.

Delivering on Corporate Strategy

Commercial Semi-State

Torc worked with this client’s CEO & leadership team to design & deliver a learning and development programme to support a 100-strong Middle Manager cohort deliver a radically new strategic plan.

Building Emotional Intelligence

State Agency

Torc worked with this client’s internal HR to craft a 2-day programme to strengthen the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) capacity of the organisation.

Management Development

Semi-State Organisation

Torc designed and delivered a management development programme for a group of 225 managers, involved in cascading downwards & outwards a multitude of change management initiatives.

Performance Management

International Food Company

Torc built a comprehensive Performance Management development programme, positioning the topic as a non-judgemental business process to achieve very high levels of buy-in.

Inducting a New Leadership Team

Multinational Healthcare Company

Torc facilitated the preparation of a 5-day induction kick-off programme for this greenfield start-up’s Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team.

Continuous Improvement Teams

Multinational Pharma Company

Torc designed & delivered a Team Development programme to support the roll-out of continuous improvement teams seeking to streamline operations in advance of a global merger.

A Customer Service Culture

Intl. Financial Services Company

Torc supported this client’s desire to improve its customer service culture with a specially tailored management development programme titled Serving One’s Customer With Excellence

Stress Following a Career Break

Government Development Agency

Torc furnished individuals returning from career breaks with a programme of targeted coaching support – to smooth their re-integration back into this client organisation.

Rebuilding Trust & Responsibility

Government Development Agency

Torc provided this client organisation with a non-threatening intervention to harmoniously and effectively turn around a troublesome team dynamic.

Stress & PMDS Introduction

Government Department

Torc developed & implemented a tailored programme of work-life balance/Stress Management workshops to support roll-out of new Performance Management & Development System.

Stress & Work Overload

Multinational Healthcare Company

Torc provided this client organisation in the midst of a high-intensity plant start-up with an opportune ‘time-out’ intervention to counter any stress-related deviations.

Redesigning Company Newsletter

Commercial State Agency

Torc assisted this client’s Communications Manager assess a wide spectrum of options for updating the format, content and style of the company’s newsletter to facilitate maximum employee engagement with ongoing business issues.

Career Mobility & Talent Mgmt.

European Financial Institution

Torc infused and informed a warm reception from staff for this client’s new career mobility initiative – eliciting a fresh sense of ownership and zeal for the many positive possibilities afforded.

Realising a Centre of Excellence

Commercial State Agency

Torc supported this client’s new General Manager design and implement a strategy to realise the board’s mandate to raise the profile of the unit to that of a centre of excellence in the eyes of its customers.

Org. Culture & Reengineering

Commercial State Agency

Torc provided a forum and framework for this large IT organisation to examine how its collective rituals and routines could be aligned to a new system of ITIL processes being installed.

Restructuring Training Function

Commercial State Agency

Torc facilitated the design and implementation of a streamlined process for the delivery of all technical training – involving integration of all mission-critical supply and demand resources and singular oversight by a senior manager.

Assessing Organisational Skill Levels

Multinational Pharma Company

Torc performed a detailed analysis and generated a comprehensive report for this multinational subsidiary client on the status of its technical capability to win new business from its corporate parent.

Developing an Innovation Factory

Multinational Electronics Company

Torc established a roadmap to migrate the corporate mandate for this client’s Irish subsidiary from pure manufacturing to that of an innovation factory – delivering a constant pipeline of new products to sustain operations in the face of severe cost pressures.

Restraining Behavioural Excesses

Multinational FMCG Company

Torc raised awareness amid this client’s sales staff of the importance of emotional intelligence & values in fostering successful business relations – complementing their strongly competitive and goal-directed behaviours.

Preparing a Company Handbook

Multinational Healthcare Company

Torc prepared a fresh and comprehensive Employee Handbook for this client’s greenfield start-up – suitably styled to fit with the very modern, non-traditional, non-hierarchical culture being developed. Turn around time was 6 weeks.

Restructuring MIS Operations

European Institution

Torc designed and implemented a change management programme to support the migration of a large IT organisation from a traditional operations/delivery structure to a matrix structure functioning on a project basis.

Core Values & Decision-Making

Multinational Healthcare Company

Torc enabled this client company improve the decision-making of its staff by raising awareness of its core values – utilising its own team of internal facilitators to roll out a series of highly impactful workshops.

Merger & Staff Development Plan

State Development Agency

Following the merger of two state agencies, Torc developed an integrated staff development plan to support the implementation of a new corporate mandate and inject critical momentum to the parallel roll-out of PMDS.