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Career progression & mobility – some easy wins

by Paddy Collins on June 9th, 2015

More than ever employees want to work with companies which can provide an opportunity for them to develop themselves and their careers over time.

However many companies struggle to facilitate internal mobility and many have no broadly based succession planning – except at the most senior levels.

Why is career management and career development so important? Quite simply its good for your business. Most high performing businesses have highly skilled and long-serving employees. Not only are the long serving employees more skilled, they understand your business and culture, they can build on relationships to get things done and they have the confidence to suggest improvements and change.

If we offer people a process for moving to new roles we can keep high performers, people are being developed and challenged, we build a strong internal culture and overall engagement increases.

Some first steps:

– Make sure all vacancies are marketed internally

– Create policies to encourage managers to let their people move internally

– Invest in ‘transitioning’ people into new roles – to ensure they succeed

– Create a formal career coaching programme; and document potential career        paths

– Highlight success stories about people who have moved from function to                function etc

– Recognise bravery

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