Career Mobility & Talent Mgmt.

European Financial Institution

Quick look

Torc infused and informed a warm reception from staff for this client’s new career mobility initiative – eliciting a fresh sense of ownership and zeal for the many positive possibilities afforded.

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The Challenge

This large European Institutional client had adopted career mobility as a central plank of its Talent Management system. The initiative was geared to provide multiple avenues for career progression both within and across divisions & directorates. The leadership of the IT division was keen to have its staff embrace and engage with this new mobility policy. However, it also recognised that for the initiative to be successful, some of its staff, overly ingrained in their own specialty, might benefit from some targeted career management training.

Torc Response

We organised the division’s annual 2-day off-site meeting around the theme of Career Management and developed/facilitated a menu of 10 mini-workshops of 90-minute duration each that participants could attend in rotation over the period. These workshops encompassed:

  • Principles of Career Management
  • Career Motivators
  • Managing One’s Career as a Business
  • Decision-Making Processes in Career Management
  • The Psychology of Change
  • How to Network to a better career
  • Interview Tips & Techniques
  • Career coaching as a style of Management
  • Behaviour patterns that impede career progress
  • Second Careers

Workshops accommodated up to 30 participants each and were facilitated by 4 Torc consultants working in parallel. These mini-workshops were interspersed with further plenary sessions involving management, where the learnings emerging were discussed and debated – in the context of how they might be best integrated with the organisation’s existing talent management system.

The Result

Participants developed a new sense of awareness and confidence around their responsibilities to the career mobility initiative – and to opportunities that could be realised. The roll-out has been very positive and the early engagement has surpassed all projections