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Candidates should know – interviewing isn’t perfect

by Paddy Collins on July 29th, 2016

How do hiring and HR managers reach a decision about who to offer the job to? Most candidates think its a clear-cut process where the most qualified person gets the job. However this is often not the case.

The main reason is that companies don’t know exactly what they want. The requirement might have arisen due to a promotion, departure or increased business volume. Internal managers/HR are forced to define a list of criteria a candidate needs to be successful in the job – the problem is they might miss some.

The biggest issue is the soft skills – ie what personal qualities will do best in the role or fit with the culture, department or team. In effect the requirement gets clarified as the interviewing and recruitment process continues – some early candidates might become victims of the internal fine-tuning process.

How can you overcome this?

Remember that during the course of the interview, in addition to demonstrating all your technical capabilities, you must also focus on personality and aptitude; make a personal connection with the interviewers.

Also consider checking in with them again a month later – they may have reached a dead-end.

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