Business Report Writing

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Torc offers a 2-day business report writing training course, focussing on the preparation of clear, concise, complete and correct business reports and proposals.

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For those who must write as part of their job, being able to write well is a real career boost.

We can think of writing as a process or a product. If we think of it as a process, then by changing the way we go about writing we can change the finished product. While we still aim to turn out a good product, our sense of satisfaction largely arises from a greater appreciation of the process by which we write.

This 1-day workshop will concentrate on the nitty-gritty details involved in writing business reports and give some practical advise on making the job less difficult. Participants will learn how to capture their thoughts on paper so they are strong & persuasive – clear, concise, complete & correct.


  • Prepare reports and proposals that inform, persuade and provide information
  • Develop paragraphs that introduce, connect, develop and conclude some part of an idea 
  • Appreciate the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure required for writing
  • Know how to organise content, to fit your goal – to inform, persuade, train, etc.
  • Recognise how graphs and images can create impact & attention, knowing the paths/pitfalls
  • Practice the ability to write concisely & clearly, so the reader will grasp quickly the message
  • Bring closure to the report through recommendations or next steps
  • Proofread your work so you are confident it is clear, concise, complete and correct.

Programme Content

  • Identify & explore the nine rules of report writing
  • Examine the four stages involved – investigation, planning, writing & revising
  • Sample the 4 C’s of good writing – being clear, concise, complete, and correct
  • Gain familiarity with the use of readability indices
  • Develop techniques to structure a report – so it hangs together and logically flows.
  • Appreciate how to build and link paragraphs – & how to create topic sentences for paragraph blocks.
  • Revisit the basic rules for constructing sentences – & practice rewriting/amending those that don’t follow the rules
  • Ensure reports have a sense of unity – answering key questions & tying up loose ends 
  • Explore the repercussions of using active or passive voice
  • Build skills in how to create emphasis for key points – & how to use repetition effectively to make it stick
  • Understand how the persuasion process plays out in writing & how to design your message accordingly
  • Learn the right way to add charts and graphs – & how to use appendices to add further detail 
  • Explore some important subtleties that can sabotage a report – make sure how to hit the right tone & use inclusive language 
  • Practice proofreading and revision – knowing what to look out for on re-reading

This course is suited for

Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders