Assessing Organisational Skill Levels

Multinational Pharma Company

Quick look

Torc performed a detailed analysis and generated a comprehensive report for this multinational subsidiary client on the status of its technical capability to win new business from its corporate parent.

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The Challenge

This client company was concerned as to whether its current technical skill base was sufficient to support its growth plan – driven by its desire to win further work from its corporate parent.

Torc Response

  • Step 1. A desk exercise involving the review of the manufacturing strategy, performance metrics, aggregate training records and envisaged improvement programmes was performed.
  • Step 2. Structured one-to-one diagnostic interviews were carried out with the key staff: General Manager, Manufacturing Managers, Engineering Manager, QC & QA Manager, Safety & Environmental Manager.
  • Step 3. The interview outputs were consolidated and analysed for common/disparate trends – & corroborative evidence sought where necessary.
  • Step 4. The findings were benchmarked against 5 external reference organisations to establish a context of current best practice.
  • Step 5. A draft report was compiled and a management team workshop facilitated to challenge, validate and reach consensus on the findings and recommendations emerging.
  • Step 6. A final report incorporating the workshop revisions was completed, signed off by the management team & incorporated for implementation into the next budget cycle.

The Result

The recommendations in the report were implemented and the planned outcomes realised. In due course, this work formed one of the cornerstones in winning approval for a major capital investment.