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Are job titles important?

by Paddy Collins on October 16th, 2015

We see bizarre job titles arising in many sectors but especially in technology, banking and MNCs. I expect they are conceived by internal managers who think along technical, process or operational lines. As a consequence these job titles may have no relevance outside the department or the current employer.

Why is the job title important? Well first of all an appropriate job title can be a strong motivator for the employee if it reflects the real scope of the job and years of experience in the company. Most of the 1,500 office workers who were surveyed recently by Office Angels, a recruitment firm, found that 70% would opt for a more relevant and flattering job title over a pay increase. The report suggested that clerks would largely prefer to be known as Specialists or would go creative by calling themselves Office Coordinators or something similar.

I am happy for my colleague to be an Office Manager rather than Administrator as it more accurately reflects the variety of responsibilities being carried out today after 6 years working in the role and steadily developing new expertise.

From a recruitment perspective the title is also very important so job seekers can find your job when searching and you can promote the role and the position to the right target audience while also protecting or enhancing the reputation of your organisation.

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