Analysing Personality Types

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Torc offers an intensive 1-day personality type training course, based on the Myers-Briggs personality-type framework – geared to improving your personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

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Module Overview

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI©),  is a psychometric framework designed to rationalise psychological preferences – in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

These preferences were extrapolated by Katharine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers from the typological theories proposed in (1921) by Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

In this 1-day personality type training course, we invite participants to complete their own personality-type questionnaire and develop an understanding of their innate preferences and how these manifest themselves in human behaviour.

The workshop specifically focuses on the key personality-type applications of self-awareness, awareness of others, team building, interpersonal communication, influence, selling & negotiation, leadership and individual development.

It features a hands-on, practical approach, that can be implemented in your daily work – to deliver widespread improvements in one’s personal and interpersonal effectiveness. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand personality-type theory and its key applications
  • Gain greater understanding of your own and others’ personality preferences
  • Improve employee communication skills and interaction using the personality–type tools.
  • Identify how to balance personality types on a team to increase effectiveness
  • Get immediate feedback on your own personality-type report
  • Receive a personality-type toolkit to share with family and colleagues

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

Introduction to Personality Type Training
Define the personality-type dichotomies. Understand the differences between trait and type instruments. Appreciate strengths, limitations & ethical use of  personality-type instruments.

Applying Personality-Type theory to individual awareness & coaching
Examine one’s own personality-type results. Consider the relative strengths and circumstances of highest prominence. Reflect on one’s experience, validate the results and identify trends.

Applying Personality-Type theory to team development
Appreciate  diversity among individuals & how to achieve a well-rounded team. Learn how personality-type differences impact team dynamics, meetings, decision-making, etc. – the tools required to leverage the individual difference, yet maintain team coherence throughout.

How Personality-Type impacts influence & negotiation
We’ll explore how personality differences play out during influence and negotiation scenarios – with particular emphasis on the pitfalls that can emerge. We’ll develop working strategies to use this to one’s advantage during negotiation – facilitating the other party ‘to buy your position’.

Personality-Type framework for best practice communications
We’ll look at the wide landscape of communication scenarios – written and spoken word, body language, presentations, interviews, etc. We’ll interpret approaches in terms of personality differences and learn how to test and adapt for greater effectiveness.

Personality-Type as a framework for Career Planning
Understand how your Personality Type can assist your learning style and career development, ensuring you play to your personality strengths on both scores – in marketing yourself and in evaluating opportunities that arise.

This course is suited for

All business professionals, wishing to use a personality-type framework – for increasing self-awareness & awareness of others.

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