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AIB’s Headhunting Woes

by Paddy Collins on November 24th, 2009
Headhunting - Standout in Recessionary Times

Headhunting - A Standout in Recessionary Times

In a recent RTE interview George Lee said that AIB should keep on searching until they find an external candidate for the top job.
Headhunters do not believe in failure – the very essence of their proposition to clients is that they can and will produce a result, and I’ve no doubt in this case the headhunters concerned produced a shortlist of suitable candidates for their client.
They will have trawled the market for banking talent on these islands and further afield to present the AIB opportunity – their approach may have been spurned by many for a variety of reasons including: the precarious financial status of the institution, the high profile of the role in a small market and likely media interest & intrusion, concern about government obstruction at board level, and perhaps even the remuneration package.
It is typical of the challenges many companies face today when they need to recruit new talent and thinking from the external market. A lot of companies have damaged reputations and the majority of potential candidates are wary of considering an unforced career move.
In this very unusual recruitment market advertising is highly unlikely to produce a result – unquestionably the best route is the more personable approach of a headhunter ( who can converse with his target market, communicate a positive message from his client and allay any fears and suspicions the candidate might have about a move.
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