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Employee Wellness

by Paddy Collins on May 30th, 2019

We are launching our new Employee Wellness suite of support services including Workshops, Seminars, Masterclasses, Lunchtime Talks and One-to-One Coaching.

We focus on Mind, Body and Personal wellness – including on-site Health Screening.


Programmes for Teams

Develop a team Wellness Action Plan
Empower and Engage the team to deliver change

Programmes for Managers

Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work – the role of managers
Mindfulness for leaders/managers

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programmes

Guide to a Mindful Work Life
Fit for work – building workplace resilience and wellbeing
Bring Mindfulness to Work and Enhance Your Communication Skills (half day)
Positive Psychology at work (half day)
Mindfulness Based Meditation 8 weeks
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme (MBSR)
Training for Mental Health Ambassadors
Returning to work – support and wellness planning
How to build and keep your boundaries


Conducted on-site by our Occupational Nursing team – Typical Screen Content*: 

Blood pressure
Height, Weight and BMI
Body Fat
Diet & Lifestyle

*Additional screening tests can be provided – please contact the Torc office on 01 662 3020.


Food & Nutrition

Eating for Health
Cholesterol lowering Top 10
Food allergies and intolerance
Eating for digestive health
Change your habits, change your weight
Stress, nutrition and how to manage
Boost your mood with food
Understanding sugar – the hidden enemy
Nutrition in Retirement


Career Progression & Career Change

Irrespective of career stage we offer guidance in:

Career planning
Achieving career goals
Mastering CVs
Performing effective job search
Preparing for career mobility
Enhancing interview skills
Contract negotiation

Embracing Change

Assert yourself & become a change agent
Manage and embrace personal change
Personal transformation – become your best self

Preparing for 3rd Age (Retirement)

The Changing View – Final Finish or New Beginning
Preparing for life change
Relationships & Community
3rd Age Activities
Financial & Tax Matters, Social Welfare
Personal Action Plan

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