360-degree Feedback & 1st 100-Days

Commercial Engineering Company

Quick look

Torc enabled a key executive gain scientific 360 degree multi-rater feedback on his First 100-day performance.

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The Challenge

The board of this client company was keen to have its Managing Director undergo a 360 degree feedback as part of his personal development plan. This highly rated individual had been promoted internally from a technical role and was being offered this support to assist him acquire honest and constructive feedback as part of a First 100-day self-review process.

Torc Response

Torc met with the MD’s board sponsor to understand the context and challenges faced by the business and the individual and agreed to use proprietary software that would allow 100% customisation of (a) the competencies to highlight and (b) the questions to pose. In that regard, the following competencies were evaluated: Communication, Decision-Making, Innovation Promotion, Commercial Judgement, Working Relations, Leadership & Coaching and Delegation. In addition, counsel was taken from the board sponsor with regard to choosing competency questions that would be closely relevant to the particular circumstance of the individual. A wide circle of raters completed the online questionnaire, including board members, customers, suppliers, direct reports & other relevant third parties along with the individual himself. Results were processed and analysed and a 2-hour private feedback consultation arranged with the individual. Learnings were noted & clarified and a personal development plan drawn up with the individual.

The Result

The MD proved very open to the feedback. He was surprised to learn how the other raters had placed a greater emphasis on his strengths than on his weaknesses. Accordingly, as a first priority, he determined to try to apply these strengths on a wider scale, while tactically delegating the weaker aspects of his job – and, asked for the exercise to be repeated again closer to the year-end, as preparation for his annual review with the board.