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Leadership: How Small Courtesies Help

by Tom O'Connor on December 17th, 2013

The recent TV coverage of Nelson Mandela’s passing brings to mind similar scenes from the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi – powerfully depicted in Richard Attenborough’s landmark biographical movie from 1982.  In particular, the words from Edward R. Morrow that Attenborough uses as voiceover to the funeral could just as easily fit in describing Mandela:  “Mahatma […]

Forced Ranking: On The Wane?

by Tom O'Connor on December 17th, 2013

GE’s Jack Welch, voted Fortune Magazine’s CEO of the century in 1999, has seen his halo slip somewhat in recent years. The company’s outsized gains in market capitalisation, recorded during his time in charge, is now very much subject to a revisionist take. Much of the credit can now be attributed to the overall stockmarket […]