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Stand-Offs … & Face Savings

by Tom O'Connor on February 23rd, 2010

The stand-off between Ryanair & the Irish government over Hangar 6 would suggest that some of us could do with re-reading Frank O’Connor’s little gem, The Majesty of the Law. Empathy in Negotiation The story, made into a mini-movie by John Ford in 1957, provides a powerful vignette into how opposing protagonists can reach a […]

The Headhunter’s Friend

by Paddy Collins on February 21st, 2010

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many jobs are being filled in the current market through the headhunting route. There are a variety of reasons why this quiet, under the radar, way might be favoured: (a) candidates in jobs are slow to move in a recession – they have less of an itch to pore through traditional […]

Supply Chains Have Questions To Answer

by Pauline McBride on February 13th, 2010

The current recession, coupled with a steep fall in the value of sterling, are placing severe pressures on the competitiveness of the Irish retail sector. This prompts a renewed focus on supply chain optimisation – and on the special transport & distribution challenges that derive from being an island nation. Supply Chain Requirements Today’s customer […]

Trapattoni: Some Lessons in Management

by Tom O'Connor on February 8th, 2010

Now with the springtime The days will grow longer And after St. Bride’s day’ My sail I’ll let go I’ll put my mind to it, And I never will linger Till I find myself back In the County Mayo. Frank O’Connor’s translation of Cill Aodain by Antoine Ó Raifteiri (1784-1834) Just like these lines from […]